Inflatable Arch

Inflatable Arch
Inflatable Arch

Inflatable Arch


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The Inflatable Arch is a great way to bring eyeballs to your business or any event you may be having from a long distance. Think; DEAL OF THE WEEK!  We can make custom banners dedicated to your event (that you keep for future use), and can bring an added element to your marketing campaigns. After all, name recognition + eyeballs = success!

Price: $250/ Day | $400/ Week + Price of Banner.

Full Color Banner: $200 + Tax.

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    Price: $50/ Day or $200/ Week.

  • ChairsChairs

    The White Resin Folding Chair combines comfort and elegance that looks good at all your special events, whether it's a backyard bbq, a formal banquet or a wedding. The unique footer to the chair allows you to sit comfortably without worrying about sinking into the ground. There is a minimum order total of $125 for Gametime to deliver.  


    $2.50/ Chair *Tailgate Set Up 

    $3.50/ Chair *Gametime Set Up 

    *What is a Tailgate Set Up?  (Choose on Quote Page under Amount of Chairs you want) We'll bring the chairs to your event, stacked.  If your event is inside, we'll get them inside, then it's up to you to set the chairs up.  If you're having a backyard birthday, we'll bring the stack to the backyard, then you'll set them up.  *See 4th picture for example

    *What is Gametime Set Up? (Choose on Quote Page under amount of Chairs you want) We'll bring the chairs to your event, set them up in any arrangement you would like (within reason), and we'll pack them back up when we return.  

    *We MUST know in advance if there will be stairs, how many flights (or stories, levels, etc...).  A $50 fee may be added.  

    *Must meet minimum order amount for delivery. 

    *Our staff will not stay during your event, unless attendant is paid for. 

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